Football Betting Strategies and Systems

    There are hundreds and thousands of football betting strategies and whilst i think it is best to be as flexible as possible it does make sense to focus on a particular area of expertise.
    We will take a look at some of the more popular systems but first follow us on twitter where we talk through our strategies and reasoning for our picks regularly, there is no substitute for a live demo.
    The key is discipline, there is no way to win every bet and you will have bad patches with any system or strategy. The key is to maintain your discipline and staking plan and over long term if the system is viable a profit will be made. Of course plenty of bettors bet for fun and do not follow any particular strategy but for those who want to take it seriously this is one area that must not be ignored.
    The other important area’s for consideration in my opinion are getting the best odds and being able to work out value. To get the best odds it will help to have a range of accounts with bookmakers, check out our

    First Half Goals

    This system is quite popular on twitter and the reason is because it is possible to win bets quicker than having to wait for ninety minutes. It allows for a high volume of bets and the key there is to be able to research quickly and simply. The odds also rise throughout the half so for example thirty minutes and onwards you can get pretty high odds although of course things become more risky. What plenty of betters will do is place one unit before the game kicks off and then smaller units throughout the half. Research basically consists of finding out which matches have the best chance of featuring goals in the first half based upon their recent matches. If both teams have scored or conceded goals in the first half then you would back over 0.5 or 1.5 goals. If only one team has scored goals regularly in the first half then you could back teams to score or that team to win the half outright. Discipline is key with this system as it is easy to get carried away and not stick to a stake plan.

    Over Goals

    The system requires backing matches to see goals and therefore suits the average bettor as we see backing goals as natural rather than backing under’s and the key is finding which goal line suits you. Some people prefer over 1.5 goals as you will win the majority of bets but of course the odds will be much lower. Over 3.5 goals will suit people who don’t mind losing a lot of bets but the ones they do win will be much higher odds.You will notice most of our tips are at least evens and usually around the 2/1 mark and that is because we find that suits our style best. We generally look for 2/1 bets that we think are 50/50 for example and that provides significant value.
    This is quite simple and one of the more popular bets because the research and statistical analysis is quite simple, you simple need to find matches where both teams have high average goals in their matches. Or most importantly higher than the odds suggest.

    Popular Football Tips

    We cover the most popular footballs bets and we also cover quite a lots of tips that most people would not usually place. One of our most popular bets is Both Teams To Score & Each Team Over 2 Corners. This is usually when we have two very even teams and we want more value than simply backing BTTS. These value and odds enhancing tricks can make a big difference. The most popular bets are probably backing teams to win, Both teams to score and over 2.5 goals however there has been a big rise in backing shots on target and players to be booked/carded in betbuilder accumulators.
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