Euro 2020/21 Betting Tips

    We will be providing in depth articles including stats, analysis, predictions and tips on the biggest matches from the tournament. This will include every include game and the vast majority of the group and knockout stages.

    Friday 11 June

    Group A: Turkey vs Italy (20:00, Rome)

    Saturday 12 June

    Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (14:00, Baku)
    Group B: Denmark vs Finland (17:00, Copenhagen)
    Group B: Belgium vs Russia (20:00, St Petersburg)

    Sunday 13 June

    Group D: England vs Croatia (14:00, London)
    Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia (17:00, Bucharest)
    Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine (20:00, Amsterdam)

    Monday 14 June

    Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic (14:00, Glasgow)
    Group E: Poland vs Slovakia (17:00, St Petersburg)
    Group E: Spain vs Sweden (20:00, Seville)

    Tuesday 15 June

    Group F: Hungary vs Portugal (17:00, Budapest)
    Group F: France vs Germany (20:00, Munich)

    Wednesday 16 June

    Group B: Finland vs Russia (14:00, St Petersburg)
    Group A: Turkey vs Wales (17:00, Baku)
    Group A: Italy vs Switzerland (20:00, Rome)

    Thursday 17 June

    Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (14:00, Bucharest)
    Group B: Denmark vs Belgium (17:00, Copenhagen)
    Group C: Netherlands vs Austria (20:00, Amsterdam)

    Friday 18 June

    Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia (14:00, St Petersburg)
    Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (17:00, Glasgow)
    Group D: England vs Scotland (20:00, London)

    Saturday 19 June

    Group F: Hungary vs France (14:00, Budapest)
    Group F: Portugal vs Germany (17:00, Munich)
    Group E: Spain vs Poland (20:00, Seville)

    Sunday 20 June

    Group A: Italy vs Wales (17:00, Rome)
    Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (17:00, Baku)

    Monday 21 June

    Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (17:00, Amsterdam)
    Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (17:00, Bucharest)
    Group B: Russia vs Denmark (20:00, Copenhagen)
    Group B: Finland vs Belgium (20:00, St Petersburg)

    Tuesday 22 June

    Group D: Czech Republic vs England (20:00, London)
    Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (20:00, Glasgow)

    Wednesday 23 June

    Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (17:00, Seville)
    Group E: Sweden vs Poland (17:00, St Petersburg)
    Group F: Germany vs Hungary (20:00, Munich)
    Group F: Portugal v France (20:00, Budapest)

    Euro 2020 Knockout Stage Schedule 

    The top two teams from each group will advance to the Last 16 of the competition, with the best third-placed team also advancing.

    Round of 16

    1. 2A vs 2B, June 26 (17:00, Amsterdam)
    2. 1A vs 2C, June 26 (20:00, London)
    3. 1C vs 3D/E/F, June 27 (17:00, Budapest)
    4. 1B vs 3A/D/E/F, June 27 (20:00, Seville)
    5. 2D vs 2E, June 28 (17:00, Copenhagen)
    6. 1F vs 3A/B/C, June 28 (20:00, Bucharest)
    7. 1D vs 2F, June 29 (17:00, London)
    8. 1E vs 3A/B/C/D, June 29 (20:00, Glasgow)


    Q1. Winner 6 vs Winner 5, July 2 (17:00, St Petersburg)
    Q2. Winner 4 vs Winner 2, July 2 (20:00, Munich)
    Q3. Winner 3 vs Winner 1, July 3 (17:00, Baku)
    Q4. Winner 8 vs Winner 7, July 3 (20:00, Rome)

    Euro 2020 Semi-finals

    S1. Winner Q2 vs Winner Q1, July 6 (20:00, London)
    S2. Winner Q4 vs Winner Q3, July 7 (20:00, London)

    Euro 2020 Final

    Winner S1 vs Winner S2, July 11 (20:00, London)