How to bet on cards

    Betting on cards can be a clever way to bet on football matches if you think that a game will have plenty of bookings for both or either team.

    It can be quite enjoyable as you cheer on players to foul each other and the referee to book them. As with any better market you want to be looking for value. You find this by backing something you think is more likely to happen than the bookies odds suggest. With bookings if you think there is a 50% chance of over 3 cards and the odds are over evens that is a value pick.

    The key as with everything is research! Research, stats and analysis to be more precise. The analysis part is the hard part. It’s relatively easy to research and find stats for how many cards and fouls each team made in their recent games. The hard part is working out if that trend will continue.

    Example Team A has received an average of 3 cards per game. However they have received the majority of those in games where they have had less than 50% of possession. The key is to work out what you think will happen in the match.
    In their next match they are playing the team bottom of the league who always have less possession themselves. In this scenario you could come to the conclusion that Team A would have more possession than usual and therefore their cards received will be less than their average.


    • Team News
    • Stats – Cards, Fouls, Possession, League Position, Form etc
    • Averages


    • What changes will happen to the norm
    • What caused below average, what caused above average


    • Apply that to the upcoming match
    • Compare with the odds and only back if good value