How to bet on corners

    Betting on corners is one of my favourite ways to bet.

    Lose out on a bet to a team that drew or lost when they should have won easily? Well back them to get corners and you don’t have to worry about that. Back over 2.5 goals and lose out by one goal when the star striker smashed one over from 2 yards out? Well with corners that’s not an issue and it may even have gone for one. Of course you just run into other issues like the team that just don’t get any corners even though they got 10 the game before and the ball going going out for throw in by 1mm.

    Anyway, here’s how to do it: The key as with everything is research! You need to be looking at the previous 5-10 games for both teams and come up with an average, of course there are plenty of websites that will do this for you and of course we do when we publish our betting tips articles.

    Say Team A receives an average of 10 per game and Team B 5 per game then you could look at Team A to win on the corner market or you could look at a total of over 10 corners in the game.
    If you back something Team A specific such as to win on corners, a corner handicap or team to get x corners then that’s great if you don’t think Team B can contribute to the total. If you do think Team B can contribute then over total corners for both sides is usually better because it decreases your risk as if Team A do have an off day Team B can still win the bet for you.

    The most difficult part is being able to predict what will happen, read the game and adapt. This is what advanced bettors will do and makes a big difference to their profit and loss totals. The key here is to read into the stats and watching games helps. It get’s a lot more advanced but for example a team has a star player back from injury and you expect that to lead to an increase in corners from the recent average.