How to bet on goals

    Betting on goals is a good way to bet and there is no better feeling than the ball flying into the net to win you an over 2.5 goals bet.

    You can bet on overs and under’s and most will back over’s as it feels more natural to be positive. Backing under’s therefore can have greater value as the price on over’s will reflect it receiving a higher volume of bets.
    The main thing as with most market is looking at stats. You find that teams who have scored more in the past are more likely to score in the upcoming match and those that have scored less are less likely. Of course you get plenty of anomalies and if not we’d all be millionaires.

    The key is to research the stats and apply them to the current game and account for anything that may be different in this game or in other games previously. For example if a key player is missing then you need to factor that into the stats or say if the stats are skewed by a big win against a team with 10 men. Champions League second legs can be a good example where you need to account for the score in the first leg and both teams ambitions going into the game. Do team A need to score a goal? will team B sit back and defend with 10 men behind the ball?
    You need to be looking at the previous 5-10 games for both teams and come up with an average for goals scored and conceded, there are plenty of websites that will do this for you and of course we do when we publish our betting tips articles.

    Say Team A scores an average of 2 per game and Team B 1 per game then you could look at backing over 2.5 goals, both teams to score or something team specific like Team A to score over 1.5 goals.
    You would usually back something Team A specific if you are unsure that Team B can contribute to the total but don’t really trust them to win for example. If you do think Team B can contribute then over total goals for both sides is usually better because it decreases your risk as if Team A do have an off day Team B can still win the bet for you.